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HI ! MY NAME IS OLA OSHIN, and I’m a Personal stylist and Personal Shopper,
I am passionate about styling, not just the basic styling to look good but also styling to make you feel good from within.

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I have always focused on hiding my features till I met Ola and she made me love and accept my body. I have always been carefree and as a medical student no one paid attention to me, After my wardrobe weeding and styling session with Ola, I went for my university reunion and no one could recognise me. I got a lot of compliments everywhere I went. She did not just transform my wardrobe and style she transformed and gave me the confidence to wear outfits I never knew I could.


As a short girl, I was scared of shopping or even going out because everyone felt I was adorable. Ola made me stop hiding because of my height but embrace all of me. I am now confident and no longer want to be the tallest in the room. I have accepted that short girls can be elegant, classy, and glamorous


Sally B

I am a Life Coach, Speaker, Author, and Entrepreneur. Pinkee Style helped me with my style, colour analysis, skincare, body type to see the clothes that compliment me best and confidence all around. She not only helped me with the physical issue but also assisted me in understanding why I lacked confidence in certain areas and how to fix it. I feel so much better in how I carry myself, the impact that the service had on my life has lasted me for years after working with her. She has given me tips that were life-changing to me. As a public speaker, I selected my outfits with ease as I knew my colour palette and what suited my body type best. I would rate this service 4 out of 5.

Imiebi Rose

why me?

"I help women learn to love themselves by teaching them to appreciate and accept their bodies and also create a unique style giving them the opportunity to be who they are and express themselves confidently through their unique style. I have styled dozens of women and hosted style workshops in the United Kingdom.
As a personal stylist, I want to help you in the best way to curate and utilize your wardrobe to create a bespoke fit. As a personal shopper, I put into consideration the best outfits to emphasize your style. PinkeeStyle guarantees you an unforgettable personal shopping experience. Based on colors, proportions, and fit, I work to find the perfect clothes that emphasize your true style and allow you to wear new exciting styling combinations."

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It’s an established fact that you can judge 90% of a strangers personal characteristics just by looking at their shoes.(researchers at the university of Kansas)What does your shoes say about you?Your age, gender, income, emotions, social status and the degree of your emotional stability can…


At Pinkeestyle we select what works for you your lifestyle and your body shape.People will make up there mind about you in the first 8secs. so make it worth their while. Life is too short to wear boring clothes……….


The sloughing off of the oldest dead cell on the surface of the skin. when you exfoliate your skin with a natural product you, 1 YOUR SKIN GLOWS. 2 YOU WILL BOOST COLLAGEN. 3 YOU’LL MINIMISE THE APPEARANCE OF WRINKLES AND SAGGING. 4 YOU’LL ENCOURAGE EFFICIENT CELL TURN…

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