About Us

About Us

PinkeeStyle is a personalized style service for women who want expert advice without having to pay for an expensive shopping trip. Our stylists will help you find outfits that fit your body type and budget, then send them directly to your door or inbox! You'll never have another "nothing- to-wear" moment again! PinkeeStyle is a boutique and personal styling service that specializes in helping women find their perfect style. I help you feel your best, look amazing, and shop smarter. Too often we see clients who put up with something they don't like because it's "just fine" or "good enough". It's not good enough for me and it shouldn't be for you either! You deserve to feel confident in your clothes. Your hair should make you smile every time you walk out the door. And your makeup should highlight what makes YOU unique-not try to emulate someone else on Instagram (or worse yet-a a celebrity). Let me help give you back YOUR confidence by transforming how other people perceive YOU.

You do not need to be an influencer or stylist to get a personal Stylist

About Us


sort, shop & style

My services are geared towards all shapes, sizes, genders and ages


Here are some interesting facts about me

I am a ninja bargain hunter. I used to be an Air hostess – “cabin attendant” is what they call it now. I love CREATIVITY. My husband can’t understand my fascination with paintbrushes and screwdrivers and wallpaper.

I now detest flying. Yes, I know that sounds strange coming from a former air hostess who has visited several countries, but its the truth

Why Us

Yes, it’s possible to get affordable personal styling services without leaving the comfort of your home or office. If you’re tired of wasting hours trying on clothes that don’t suit you and never find what looks good on you,

PinkeeStyle is here for help!

– Styling is about individual and there’s so much that goes into it.
– Hire a personal stylist with 8 years of experience to create your unique style for you
– You can expect the best from me!

We will take care of all your fashion needs by providing easy-to-follow style tips and recommendations. Our stylists have years of experience in helping people with their wardrobe issues. And we offer multiple plans at different prices so everyone can enjoy stylish outfits without breaking the bank! We do not dress you for trends but for your body and accentuate your best features.

Who is it for?

Finding clothes that fit and flatter you is hard, especially if you’re a woman. At PinkeeStyle, we understand this struggle and want to help women everywhere look their best. We make shopping fun again by helping our clients discover new styles they love in the process.
This is the right service for you if;
  • Coming out of lockdown and looking for a new style
  • You finally got your revenge body and need the outfits that make you the centre of attention
  • You want to know how to shop for your body and tired of having a full wardrobe with nothing to wear
  • Not sure what gift to give the women in your life
  • It can also be presented as a gift to your mum, sister, best friend, wife or partner so they do not have to force you to go shopping with them