WARDROBE WEEDING is a process of decluttering closets that are overflowing with clothes, shoes and accessories that are unworn but takes up space due to weight loss, colors contrasting, unable to mix & match them together worn out zips, alteration problems, too tight, too small or too big !. You know the ones – they were either impulse buys or something you thought “might come in handy someday.”

We have the perfect solution at PinkeeStyle our weeding services helps you declutter your wardrobe with the help of our in-house personal stylist without the hefty price tag. We all know that too many clothes can be overwhelming, and can even lead to the opposite problem – not wearing 80% of the outfits in your closet.. Most people buy clothes they do not need and end up with a closet full of items that never get worn. Don’t let your wardrobe become like this, declutter it!

How It Works

A one to one 1 hour session would clarify exactly what works best for your body type. There’s no need to throw away too much, some outfits you will never wear again, that are broken, don’t fit, or make you feel negative at the sight of them,

By using our services and our weeder you’ll be able to find out which items in your closet are worth keeping and which ones need to go. Our fashion experts will help guide you through this process so that it’s easy and fun! Once finished, we suggest sustainable ways for you too.

Once you’ve weeded out the unnecessary garments and accessories that have been cluttering up your closet, personal shopping can begin. Pinkeestyle is here to help you feel confident in yourself and what you wear. Creating your custom image is about having the right tools to start by reflecting your true style through your outer wardrobe, personality, and the achievements that you have worked so hard for.



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